Your Friday Afternoon Workout: Jump rope

Remember the school playground and jumping rope? Yeah, me neither. I hated jumping rope as a kid. But now I totally understand how great of cardio it is, and I highly recommend that everyone who's interested in improving endurance and cardio consider buying one and adding it into the workout. Even more than weights,… » 6/06/14 7:28pm 6/06/14 7:28pm

Women in Video Games: Princess Peach

I make no effort to hide my fondness for video games, and I think that while Kotaku does a good job of existing, there's an opportunity to discuss gaming on this site in a way that's somewhat critical, not about ZOMGBEWBS, and still really fun and inclusive of a variety of viewpoints that are mine... I mean everyone's. » 5/16/14 6:11pm 5/16/14 6:11pm